Top 5 Smart Transfers made by ISL club


Transfers are a huge part of football. We often put labels on transfers from before either they will be a flop or will be a huge star for the team and the history of the team. Transfers are basically that part of football which most people think not be much but are in fact a huge factor in the season following. Transfers can also turn the career of a player on its head. Some players who are not doing so good often end up doing better at a club which revives their whole career. Also, the reverse takes place in different cases.

In a country like India where football is now once again making a stronghold in the sports section, people often look towards big foreign players to arrive. As a result, we tend to overlook Indian players who possess a lot of quality and are at par with foreigners or even better. As the ISL is settling in India and the 8th season of the ISL knocks on the door and the transfer season is almost over we thought it will be good to look at the 5 players who might steal the show.

5) Dheeraj Singh | ISL Transfer: ATK Mohun Bagan to FC Goa|

The youngster deserves to be on this list. After proving his mettle in the 2017 U-17 world cup in India. Though him keeping a clean sheet in any of the matches was not present in his fate. Even then he did receive appreciating words from different managers.

All eyes were on him in the ISL where he debuted for Kerala blasters in the 2018-19 season. Following which he became the first-choice keeper of India U-23. ATK then got him signing a contract in the 2019-2020 season.

Succeeding ATK Mohun Bagan it is the FC Goa that homes Dheeraj Singh. His transfer was worth 85lakhs. He is a very smart investment keeping in mind different facts. He is a very good keeper who has proven himself time and again in different matches. People see him as the successor of Gurpreet Singh, so the hunger in him is what drives him and will be a motivating factor. As a result, the franchise can be sure that he will wish to stand up to challenges and be better. Dheeraj has played for different teams with different coaches which means that he will be able to get into any type of football played by a team.

4) Javi Hernández | ISL Transfer: ATK Mohun Bagan to Odisha FC|

The experience is what provided the Spaniard with a place in this list. The brace scorer in the finals against Chennaiyin FC in the 2019-2020 Indian Super League campaign. Javi plays as an attacking midfielder.

Javi began his career in Spain joining the Real Madrid youth academy at the age of 16. Following which he made his senior debut with Real Madrid Castilla in the Segunda Division B. In 2019 Javi did a contract signing with ATK. Scoring only twice for the team, both the goals coming in the Final against Chennaiyin FC. Later he signed a contract of a year with ATK Mohun Bagan.

On 30th July 2021 Odisha FC announced him as their signing. The work ethic and enthusiasm of Javi are something that managers search for. He is also a player who possesses a good level of physicality which helps him to overtake defences. He also has a good shot in his arsenal that helps him score from distances. Javi brings added advantage in set-pieces and helps in defence too.

3) Bartholomew Ogbeche | ISL Transfer: Mumbai City F.C. to Hyderabad F.C.|

Bartholomew Ogbeche comes from the background of Ligue 1. Astonishingly he has played for teams like Paris Saint Germain, Deportivo Alaves in the Segunda division. Though injuries were a huge cause which rose has a barrier in his career.

25 August 2018 made sure he would be playing for Northeast United in the upcoming season of ISL. Over the years he did represent two other franchises before moving to Hyderabad FC. He played for Kerala Blasters and Mumbai City putting on brilliant shows.

Bartholomew Ogbeche is keeping on proving his worth as a phenomenal striker in the ISL. Debut and single-season with Kerala Blasters, he emerged as the highest scorer scoring 15 goals. Following which he did well with Mumbai City F.C and ending the season with scored eight goals and the ISL trophy. Hyderabad FC is the team that finished fifth the previous season. As a result, Ogbeche’s transfer will help them to net more goals and he can lead the attack when needed.

2)Amrinder Singh | Transfer: Mumbai City F.C. to ATK Mohun Bagan|

This is another Indian Goal who has been consistently proving himself in the ISL for the last five years now. He has stood out in skills and was a regular in guarding the box of Mumbai City F.C., he comes with age and experience.

Singh played an integral part in the Mumbai City F.C. team. The goalposts were guarded by him a total of 84 times wearing the Islanders’ jerseys. Standing out as a key player who helped the Mumbai team to lift the ISL trophy last season. Keeping a total of 9 clean sheets also pulling off 49 incredible saves which helped the team to lift their maiden ISL title.

His transfer to ATK Mohun Bagan will ensure them a solid defence. Amrinder has very sharp reflexes which help him to make difficult saves in serious situations. He can also keep in touch with the defenders and asking them to shift positions according to the situation, overall Singh is a good investment by ATK Mohun Bagan.

1) Hugo Boumous | Transfer: Mumbai City F.C. to ATK Mohun Bagan|

Hugo Boumous is an attacking midfielder made in France and played a bit in Ligue 2. Hugo Boumos career in ISL starts from FC Goa where he ended up winning the Best Player of the Tournament in the 6th Edition of ISL. He then moved to Mumbai City F.C. following it he signs for ATK Mohun Bagan for 18.83 Million Rupees.

This transfer can be seen as a replacement for Javi Hernandez who was also an attacking midfielder. All eyes were on the young man after his worthy season playing for FC Goa. Hugo in Mumbai City performed very well, scoring twice in the whole 2020-21 campaign and helping the midfield to take control of winning the title. He will be an instrumental figure for ATK’s attack he has a great sense of positioning the ball, he can also send through passes and has brilliant accuracy of passes. He will help to create more and more chances for the team.

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