A shirt deal worth €70m for Real Madrid in 2022-23 was named the top price so far

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With a reported €70 million sponsorship deal on the table, Real Madrid has signed the most profitable shirt sponsorship deal in 2022-2023 with Emirates.

Next month, Madrid will compete in the FIFA Club World Cup after losing 3-1 to Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup at the weekend.

In light of the matter, FindMyCasino CEO Freddie Smith said:

“Real Madrid and Emirates have been dealing since 2013.”

“The renewed sponsorship allows Emirates to connect with fans and promote its brand on a global scale. It also shows the potential that Emirates sees in Real Madrid and its players, who remain some of the most recognizable worldwide.”

“This big money deal reaffirms the strength of football sponsorship globally, particularly with larger brands such as Emirates. This kind of partnership enables clubs to gain additional revenue, develop their brand and attract the best players to their club.”

Emirates and Real Madrid history

Emirates and Real Madrid have a planned partnership. The club has a vast fan base all around the world. Meanwhile, Emirates has a significant airline network around the world.

Just recently on October 14 of 2022, Los Blancos renewed their sponsorship deal with Emirates until 2026. They have been their main official sponsor since 2011. It is indeed the longest-running sponsorship in La Liga history.

Real Madrid jersey under the sponsorship with Emirates has witnessed one of the golden periods in their footballing history. The Emirates cum jersey won 5 La Liga trophies between 2011-2022. Real Madrid fans all around the world surely feel nostalgia when they see Emirates written over the jersey.

Anyway, both the club and the company has a great partnership and they will hope to continue being together for glory and business.

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