AC Milan are indecisive on whether to keep Aster Vranckx permanently

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An AC Milan report claims the club is considering whether to keep Belgian midfielder Aster Vranckx permanently. AC Milan are undecided on whether Vranckx is a worthy addition to the team for the price Wolfsburg are asking.

In addition to his loan deal, Wolfsburg have made clear that they still want €12 million, rather than negotiating for a lower figure.

In recent weeks, Vranckx has increased his involvement under Stefano Pioli. It is clear that the 20-year-old is talented. But Milan may feel that the €12 million could be spent somewhere else. With eight appearances and one assist this season, he wouldn’t leave a huge void if lost.

Aster Vranckx as a footballer

During his one season in the Bundesliga, he made 28 appearances, scoring two goals. One of the defining characteristics of this player is his versatility, as he possesses different traits of a midfielder. Vranckx has multiple variables, as he has played in a two- and three-man midfield. But he also featured as a forward, in behind the striker and out wide in a 4-4-2, both on the right and left. 

His youth means that he has yet to fully explore his abilities. His physical traits (1.83 cm for 78 kg) make him difficult to push off the ball. He also has a good basic technique that allows him to command the play, evade the opponents pressing and hold his own against opponents. 

Now what decision will AC Milan takes and how will it affect Vranckx’s future will be interesting to see.

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