Afghan International Sharif Mukhammad Opens Up

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Sharif Mukhammad is the only Afghan International Player in Kerala at the moment. In addition, Mukhammad plays for Gokulam Kerala FC in I-League. Further, he will lead the team for the upcoming edition of the Hero I-League. And he has finally Opened About the situation happening now around his country.

“We play for the Afghan people, and not for the government. Only football makes people happy.” – said Sharif Mukhammad.

Certainly, Sharif Mukhammad is a member of Afghanistan’s International Football Team. Further, he was in Kerala when the Taliban invaded Kabul in mid-August after the fall of the government. Certainly which made thousands of indigenous people immigrants after leaving their country.

Meanwhile Fear gripped every citizen of Afghanistan, including sports personalities. Joining the migration was an Afghan women’s footballers. However, while the Men sprayed in various parts of the world due to the fear of the Taliban.

Even though the 31-year-old Midfielder was born in Dagestan, Russia. However, he has plenty of his friends and family struck up in his home country.

“We have to see how the situation develops. Everyone on the team is waiting patiently.”– Said the Defensive Midfielder.

He played a key role in Gokulam Kerala last year and helped them to win their first I-League title. Certainly, he completed 799 passes last season and even managed to score 4 times. However, he has no idea how his homeland will come out of this conflict.

“His experience in midfield will help the Malabarians scale new heights in the season,” – said Vincenzo Alberto Annese, Head Coach for Gokulam Kerala FC.

Sharif Mukhammad was announced as the captain of the Gokulam Kerala FC for the upcoming season in the I-League.

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