AIFF forbids Jharkhand from taking part in Santosh Trophy, Women’s Championship


The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has forbid Jharkhand from partaking in the Santosh Trophy and the Women’s Championship. The reason stated was an “internal conflict” within the Jharkhand Football Association’s (JFA) administration.

AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das forwarded a letter to the state sports department and JFA. Wherein, he claimed that India’s football governing body has received 2 independent teams from both the competitions. The apex body concerning football in the state did nothing to settle the affair of multiple entrant appeals.

The letter states – “The AIFF received two independent teams for both the competitions, one recommended by the Chairman- Hony. Secretary while one recommended by the President- Jt. Secretary“.

AIFF chooses to omit teams from the Jharkhand

It continued – “Upon receiving four (4) lists in total from the JFA, the AIFF entered into resolution communication with the management of the JFA immediately. However, despite the AIFF’s repeated attempts to ensure that the rights of the players and the chance of the Member Association to participate in national competitions are not affected, the JFA committee did not resolve the issue“.

As maintained by the AIFF, the JFA have to send their teams before November 25th (Women’s Championship) and November 28th (Santosh Trophy). The AIFF aims to protect the sanctity of competitions. They are aware that anyhow JFA’s team will be unable to reach the required venue within the stipulated time.

Hence, they have chosen “not to entertain” teams from JFA for the mentioned contests. The letter clearly stated all this.

AIFF went on to say that it was “highly unfortunate” that the athletes are the ones to suffer. The players’ livelihood depends on playing in such competitions. This is happening due to the JFA’s unwillingness to settle the affair.

Adding further, AIFF termed the JFA’s unwillingness to arrive at a suitable resolution as “disheartening“. Concluding, the AIFF – “The JFA with absolute disregard to the development of players within the State of Jharkhand, have failed to resolve their conflict. Thus, leaving the AIFF with no choice but to reject all four lists received from the JFA for the Santosh Trophy and the Women’s Championship“.

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