All you need to know about Online betting in India


With a population of over a billion people, it is reasonable to assume that sports such as cricket and football are more than simply sources of entertainment in India. Indians adore playing and watching cricket.

While there is no argument about the legality of playing and organising these sports, the same cannot be said for gambling on them. Nowadays seeing flashy ads everyone is wondering how it works or Whether online gambling is allowed in India or not?

Rise of Online betting Market in India

If you conduct a quick Google search on betting or online gambling in India, you will discover a plethora of sports betting sites that offer amazing incentives. This is in stark contrast to only a few years ago, when there were few betting sites available. There are several factors for this.

  1. The first is that internet consumption in India has risen drastically over recent years. Wi-fi can now be available in most companies and homes, replacing dial-up modems. There’s a whole host of information and knowledge available on the internet about betting and online casino games filling the audience’s digest.
  1. Second, the price of a smartphone has come down significantly. It may feel like just yesterday when the original iPhone was released in 2007 at a price tag that was simply out of reach for the majority of Indians. While Apple items are still relatively pricey, there are now many alternatives. Companies primarily from China provide mobile phones at reduced prices yet with sufficient capability to allow people to access the web.
  1. The final and most critical aspect concerns the legalisation of internet gambling in mature markets such as the United Kingdom and Sweden. Once considered gambling hotspots, legislation has cracked down on gambling activity, causing several internet casinos and bookies to close their doors. Those who remain involved in these marketplaces have seen their profits dwindle and have consequently taken the critical decision to diversify. As a result, India is the next natural choice for gambling businesses. The country possesses the population and the technology to enable bookies to profit.

Top Online Bettings Apps and site

When it comes to choosing a bookmaker, you should always conduct your research. One should always check for the legitimacy aspects and respective licenses. Licenses also ensure that the bookmaker has thought about the safety and security of your sensitive data. UKGC, MGA and Curacao are the major ones.

The Gaming Federation of India and the Indian Fantasy Sports Federation have their own rules for online gambling and betting on sports.

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Going as per the Public Gambling Act of 1867, all forms of gambling are illegal in India. But there are grey areas to this, which means that placing bets on your favourite sports games is not allowed.

To make matters even more complicated, the law distinguishes between games of skill and games of chance. This begs the issue of why lotteries and horse racing betting are legal in the nation. As you can see, it is not quite apparent why certain games are permitted for gambling and others are not.

So, there is also no such specific law against Online betting which is exploited by the bookmakers and betting sites.

The second issue is if there are any regions within India where further gaming exclusions have been established.

Sikkim, a state in north-eastern India, is particularly favourable to the legalisation of internet gambling. The state established its first casino in 2009 and has a number of state-run lotteries.

Where is betting legal in India?

If you travel to Goa, you will discover the waterways teeming with luxury cruise ships that function as floating casinos, such as Deltin Royale and Casino Daddy So, even within the nation, if you travel to Goa, you will be allowed to play your favourite casino games at the aforementioned casinos. The only states in India where you may receive a licence for internet gambling are Goa, Sikkim, Daman, and Nagaland.

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