An Italian coach asserts Juventus muddies football

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Juventus, who are being investigated for financial issues, always appear to be up to something nasty, according to Eugenio Fascetti. Investigators are getting closer to linking the club’s previous president. The whole board of directors to a fraudulent accounting case after they all quit this week.

Even if they deny it, Juventus appears to have committed a significant sporting financial crime, and Fascetti thinks football is really filthy.

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What has Eugenio Fascetti said about Juventus

Eugenio Fascetti said via Calciomercato that

“It causes a sensation, but we await the end of the sentence. There are no clean clubs in football. It was in the air that something happened. Fiorentina is one of the few with good accounts”

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What did Juventus say about these allegations?

Juventus said that the current accusations against us make it very evident that we have committed some wrongdoing. But the club will battle to establish its innocence in court. Therefore, for the time being, we stand with the previous president and his board of directors who maintain that they did nothing illegal while in office.

When the players return to the field at the start of 2023, maybe we will overcome this and keep winning games as we attempt to cap off this turbulent season with the league championship. We will rejoice if the club is found not guilty because these accusations have been pending for a very long period.

Because our leaders are aware of the repercussions, we trust them when they say they have done nothing wrong. The media appears to be against us and has been covering our legal disputes far too frequently. While the club’s executives put in a lot of effort to get us out of all these legal fights, we must maintain our attention on our objectives and further improvement on the field.

To guarantee that they do not repeat the errors of their predecessors, our incoming leaders must exercise caution.

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