Diego Maradona dies at the age of 60 due to cardiac arrest


Football legend Diego Maradona dies at the age of 60 due to Cardiac arrest at his house in Buenos Aires. One of the greatest football players ever, the world ever saw has now left his fans worldwide mourning.

His lawyer Matias Morla confirmed this sad news on Wednesday. It is reported that an Argentine legend had surgery for a subdural hematoma earlier this month.

The legendary forward has plenty of records to his name with both club and the national team. He has scored over 300 goals during his extraordinary football career, mainly playing in the number 10 role.

Nicknamed as Hand of God has left unforgettable memories for everyone. The most memorable moments happened during the 1986 World Cup, guiding Argentina to win the World Cup.

He also managed Argentina in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, guided the so-called MESSIDONA team to the quarter-finals. The combination of Lionel Messi playing and Maradona coaching was one of the most gossiped topics in 2010.

Messi scored a sensational goal in 2007, at the age of 19, this goal was similar to Maradona’s World Cup goal. The media hyped it with the new term, Messidona.

Argentina President Alberto Fernandez has ordered a nationwide mourning period of three days.

Details of Diego Maradona’ surgery:

It is reported that Maradona stayed in hospital after the surgery for Subdural Hematoma. He had to stay there after reported withdrawal symptoms caused by alcohol dependency.

His personal doctor and neurologist Leopoldo Luque stated small consumption of alcohol caused negative effects on recovery.

He recently celebrated his 60th birthday just before his surgery, on 30th October, and admitted to hospital after 3 days.

The world is paying tributes to their HERO, GOAT, ICON, words not enough…

Napoli legend has millions of fan base over the world, we will be highlighting some of those tributes.

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