As the Barcelona star prepares to face Spain in the World Cup final, Pedri discusses his ideal shirt swap


Pedri, a Spain midfielder, for Spain, has stated that Lionel Messi would be his ideal player to exchange shirts within the World Cup championship game. Starring youngster for La Roja attempting to win a world title want to confront the legendary Argentine The Barcelona playmaker is presently competing for international honors in Qatar 2022, as La Roja is getting ready to meet Morocco in the round of 16.

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Pedri is aiming to reacquaint himself with seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi, but he has so far avoided the impulse to switch jerseys with any players he has played against in the Middle East.

What did Pedri respond?

When asked by Sport if he would be open to trading shirts, Pedri responded:

“I changed it with David Raya, if it counts, because I wanted one of him. With the other teams, not yet”.

He also added

 “Leo’s, that’s how we would see each other in a hypothetical final.”

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Pedri is aware that he has a crucial part to play in Spain’s quest for a second World Cup victory, and the brilliant 20-year-old is hopeful that his country’s first senior goal is not too far away. Spain still has a ways to go before they can begin to dream of a second World Cup victory.

He said:

“I want to score my first goal with the selection. If I keep at it, I hope I get there during the World Cup.”

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The winner of Tuesday’s match between Spain and Morocco will play either Portugal or Switzerland in the quarterfinals.

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