Atletico manager responds over Griezmann’s issue


Atletico Madrid has been in the headlines in the past few days for their treatment of Griezmann’s gametime. The French international has been restricted to less game time in the season’s league games. In all of the league’s games, Simeone has only used Griezmann for not more than half an hour in a match. Even in the restricted game-time, the player has already scored two goals for the club.

Atletico Madrid coach’s response to the issue

When asked about the situation involving the Frenchman, Simeone didn’t have a clear response. Instead, he came up with a confusing response. He said;

“They have known me for ten years as a coach. I am a club man and always will be.”

The statement clearly doesn’t carry a clear picture of the club’s plans. Griezmann arrived on a two-year loan from Barcelona last summer. One of the many clauses of the deal includes that the loan would turn into a permanent stay if the player plays more than fifty percent aggregate minutes over the two seasons. While the player was an undisputable starter last term, Atletico Madrid has visibly lessened his participation in the present season. The buy-clause includes a 40 million euros fee if the clause is triggered. A sum that the Madrid-based club is not ready to meet.  

In relation to the involvement of Griezmann, Correa and Cunha, Simeone said;

“You have to try to make them understand that playing 30 minutes well is more important than playing 60 badly.” Everyone wants to play more minutes, and that is why the coaches look for the best situations for the team.”

Through his statement, Simeone has made it crystal clear that he is a man of the club. And any decision he takes will surely help the club move forward.

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