Barcelona and Real Madrid to battle out for La Liga this season

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Real Madrid are back to where they left their last season. Los Blancos are top of La Liga and also have made it to the round of 16 pretty easily. The team is looking stronger than ever with Benzema also returning from injury. It is fair to say that they had an easy UCL group as compared to other teams. But apart from that, they are firing in La Liga with Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Valverde leading from the front. Barcelona are the only team who have scored more than Los Blancos. The Blaugranas are one of the best teams in La Liga currently sitting at the 2nd spot.

Apart from all this action on the pitch, Real Madrid and Barcelona had successful transfer windows in their aspects. Casemiro left for Manchester United but Ancelotti has new signing Tchaoumeni to praise. Barcelona signed Lewandowski who is delivering for them as expected. Tony Rudiger signed as a free agent for Los Blancos and has settled in well. Ancelotti and Xavi both are adamant that the team’s quality must be constantly improved. With the world cup on the horizon, players will feel tired eventually and injuries will happen.

La Liga this season is becoming too interesting to let go. Barcelona and Real Madrid are battling it out for La Liga. The Catalans are 2 points behind the Los Blancos and are awaiting any slip-up that Real Madrid can make. Xavi’s side has been flawless after their El Clasico defeat as they have won all of their games since then. Their signings have proved to be great for the squad’s depth as they are still suffering from their injury crisis. This shows what a team is expected to do even after much off-the-field drama. Barcelona will be hoping to go top of the table before the world cup arrives.

Bernard Dong Bortey has his say on his coaching dreams

Hearts of Oak Legend Bernard Bortey has been appointed as the U-14 coach by the Phobian club. The legendary player is eager to take on his coaching career and was not shy of accepting his big coaching dreams.

That’s not where I’m targeting, although we start from somewhere. But for me, my target is to coach Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Juventus. I said this thing on the radio some time ago, and today I’m saying it on TV.”

Even then, I wasn’t a coach. I said I’ll coach Barcelona when I become a coach. Ghanaians lashed out at me me, saying I can’t. Maybe it looks huge in the eyes of humans, but it’s not huge in God’s eyes.”

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