Barcelona drops bombshell news this week

Julian Araujo

Barcelona does not seem to be out of the news these days. The news came as a shocker this week when it showed that the contracts of 4 Barcelona stars were annulled for alleged criminal activity. These players are – Pique, Ter Stegen , De Jong , Lenglet. The contracts that the board would go on to offer them were not legal. Currently, the authorities are investigating Josep Maria Bartomeu in other cases but it is sure that he would be found guilty in this one also.

This has forced the club to resort to other solutions. The club has informed the players that they will have to go back to their old contracts otherwise would have legal action taken against their contracts. Gerard Pique’s current contracts run till 2024, De Jong’s till 2026, and Lenglet’s till 2025. Bartomeu was the one to offer these contracts to these players. Gerard Pique has agreed to lower his salary a lot while the same cannot be said about others.

But problems would arise if the players do resort to their old contracts. Frenkie De Jong and Ter Stegen would become free agents in 2024 and 2023 respectively. This would see Ter Stegen to start negotiating with other clubs from January 2023. This would be a big loss for the Catalans as Ter Stegen is one of the best in World football in his position. Ter Stegen will be having more clubs approach him and will surely make Barcelona up their contract offer.

The Frenkie De Jong Saga Does not end

Ter Stegen’s future may have an ending sooner or later. But Frenkie De Jong‘s saga does not look to have an ending. Manchester United and Chelsea are still after De Jong. This news is now a bombshell for both the club and De Jong. De Jong has been adamant to leave the club. If he resorts to his old contract, he will be a free agent in 2024. This would be a big disappointment for the club. They have received an offer of up to €85mn ($86.8mn) from Manchester United last month.

If things turn out this way, then it will be further evidence of the damage Bartomeu has caused to this club. Laporta and his management are working round the clock to undo the consequences of the actions of the previous board. Frenkie De Jong and Ter Stegen would want the club to solve their situations as soon as possible.

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