Leo Messi Talks About His Future and Other Desires in Interview

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Barcelona legend Leo Messi has disclosed his thoughts in an exclusive interview with Jordi Évole of LaSexta yesterday.

The Argentine superstar spoke on a number of topics, addressing — Barça and the board, former teammates Suarez and Neymar, his childhood Christmas wish, PlayStation, family, pandemic, and other things among all.

Ever since the brutal drama floating around the club and his future, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, earlier spoke to the media by snapping the possibility of him playing for any club — even with Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain already having locked their eyes on him.

The 33-year-old superstar now only has few days in hand to extend his contract with Barcelona. After that, he is at liberty to negotiate a free transfer deal with any other club outside Catalonia.

However, in the recent interview, he has hinted to stay and give his all to the club of his dreams in every way possible.

About His never-ending love for Barça:

“Everything, I always said, Barcelona is my life. I have been here since I was 13 years old.”

“I learned everything here, I grew up and the club trained me as a player and a person, it gave me everything and I always left everything for Barcelona.”

“I am eternally grateful to all that, as I just said, I also love the club, I love my city, Barcelona, ​​and I feel that I also gave everything to the club, a lot. And that everything the club gave me I earned and I deserved it for what I did.”

About New manager Ronald Koeman and his perspective:

“I think that with Ronald Koeman, he has given a seriousness and an idea of what he wants for the team and what he wants for the club. I think that he is a great success and that he is doing things very well.”

About former managers Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique:

“I was lucky that I had a lot of time with Guardiola and Luis Enrique, the two best. Having them so often and so fast made me grow a lot in football and in the tactical wisdom that they taught me.”

If any other clubs apart from Barcelona interests him to sign a new deal:

“I do not have anything clear yet. I will wait for the season to end. The important thing is to think about the team, finish the year well, think about trying to get titles and not get distracted by other things.”

Paris or Manchester?

“No, take them away. I know that there are many people from the club, from Barcelona, ​​the fans, who still love me, who want me to stay at the club.”

“It’s like that, but I’m going to do what is best for the club and for me.”

“I’m going to stay and live in Barcelona, ​​and I want to return to Barcelona when I stop being a player.”

If he ever sees himself play for any other club like Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid:

“No, impossible.”

If the interim president’s comments about ‘selling Messi’ has affected him:

“Today, I don’t need to talk about it, it has already happened. What happened, happened and he should not have reopened the issue, as it does not do the team or the club good.”

On how former president Bartomeu let him down:

“I’m not going to bring out what was said and promised but I can assure you that he deceived me in many things and in several years.”

“The president started to filter things to make me look bad and to be the bad guy in the movie.”

The end of his story and how he’s now:

“It is a love story with the club since I was very little, and with the city. No matter how it ends there is always a moment that is bad, but everything can be overcome. We’ll see how it ends.”

“It was difficult for me, but the truth is that I’m fine today. It’s true that I had a very bad time all of the summer, but today I feel good and wanting to fight seriously for everything we have ahead of us, excited.”

Now, FC Barcelona, even after dropping two points to Valencia have got back to their winning days.

Ronald Koeman and his side scooped three points over a tempting 3-0 win against Real Valladolid last week, and thanks to Clement Lenglet, Martin Braithwaite, and Leo Messi — who later surpassed Pelé as the top scorer with 644 goals for a single club.

However, Los Azulgranas, with their wavering performance still stand 5th in La Liga with 24 points and will face Eibar on Tuesday night.

As for captain Leo Messi, who will be mending his right ankle will likely miss matchday 16 and might return to face Huesca after the New Year.

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