Barcelona’s coach was not happy with the scoreline

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Barcelona faced Bayern Munich in their second match of the Champions League this season. It is not an easy feat to visit Bayern in their home stadium and try to defeat them. After years of humiliation at the hands of the German Champions, the club and its supporters were weary of what to expect. Yet the early signs of the team’s performances under Xavi had given them a new joy. Something that Cules could hold onto. Yet the score line at the end brought a familiar feeling of loss that Cules are accustomed to. Early in the second half, Lucas Hernandez scored on a header to take control of the game, and Leroy Sane’s stunning goal ended FC Barcelona‘s chances.

Barcelona’s Xavi was upset with the performance

The encouraging part was the performance of the team. Contrary to the previous meetings, Barcelona was deadly in its transitions and controlled the game. The worst part apart from the score line was the inefficiency of scoring a single goal by taking advantage of the chances the players created.

Xavi pointed out the many mistakes and shortcomings while addressing the media after the match.

“We can’t let them off the hook so much. I’m leaving here pretty hacked off because this was a night to win. But I’m also feeling proud of the team,”

he said.

“I’m mad because we should have won. We played a match to win. [Robert] Lewandowski missed chances. Pedri got two, Raphinha from outside the box; this is disappointing and unfair.”

“You can’t be controlling a match then conceding from a corner kick and or conceding a chance from the middle like the play for the 2-0. We have to learn from our mistakes.

“Competing means winning corners, closing transitions, or having a chance in front of the goalkeeper and scoring. I’m leaving angry. We had to win today. We have to be more effective in both of the areas.”

“However, it’s about winning, and we’ll need to compete better in crucial moments like the two goals and to be more effective when we create.”

Xavi would be pleased with the spirit and determination shown by the team. Barcelona is back on its way to reclaiming its spot among Europe’s elite.

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