Bayern Munich CEO believes Premier League clubs are responsible for Super League plans


The Super League was shelved last season after protests from fans across the European continent. However, Bayern Munich CEO has now spoken about the plans, holding Premier League clubs directly responsible for the Super League.

Premier League has seen an increase in investment during the past decade. Clubs have been bought by Hedge Funds, Billionaires, and in some cases state-backed private entities. This increase in investment has created a disparity between the spending power of English clubs and other European clubs.

Karl Heinz Rummenigge has blamed this influx of investment in the Premier League as the major reason for Super League. He believes that UEFA has failed to control or regulate the flow of investment properly which pushed clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona to push for a Super League.

Investments in Premier League directly affect the competitiveness on the field

The Executive from Bayern Munich has explained that the investment is reflected on field as the English clubs are able to recruit better in all spheres. Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have better pull for players as they are historically important teams. But they lack the financial means to recruit in other areas.

In Modern day football, the role of the coaching staff, backroom staff, and other amenities at the training center are considered very important. Premier League clubs are able to afford the best of facilities owing to their financial prowess. This often creates a difference in the resources being provided to the players which reflect on the pitch.

This claim from the CEO of Bayern Munich cannot be overlooked entirely as it holds true in the current context. For example, Manchester City has built a world-class sporting center that cannot be compared with other facilities across the continent. It has helped in training and recuperation for the players on a much better level than other clubs.

The Super League, for now, has been put on hold as the Premier League clubs backed out of the plans. However, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still strongly supporting the idea. Let’s see what time has in store for the European Football fans!!

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