Brazil vs Argentina World Cup qualifying match suspended due to health protocols

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The World Cup qualifier match between Brazil and Argentina was suspended due to the breaching of health protocols. Messi & Co flew to Sao Paulo as they were to face Neymar & Co in a high voltage qualifying match. But the game was suspended after 5 minutes of play as Brazil’s health authorities ran into the pitch reporting about a breach in health protocol.

As per the Brazilian health protocols following the ongoing Covid-19, the country has 14 days quarantine rule for any person travelling from UK, South Africa or India. And Argentina had three players in their line-up who travelled from the United Kingdom for participating in the match. The players are Emiliano Martinez the Aston Villa goalkeeper, and Tottenham Hotspur duo Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso. And as per Brazil health authorities, those players didn’t quarantine for 14 days

Following this breaching of health protocols, the health authorities ran into the pitch to stop the game immediately. The Argentine players returned to the dressing room as the game stopped. But their coach and captain stayed on the pitch protesting about the halt in the match and such behaviour. As per Messi, why didn’t Brazil act on the situation earlier as they were in the country for the last three days?. While they were in the stadium for more than an hour before the kick-off.

FIFA and CONMEBOL have released official statements that the match will be suspended between Brazil and Argentina. While a disciplinary committee has been set up to investigate the matter and report it to FIFA. We don’t know if the match will take place in near future or not, but as a viewer, we will love to see the game.

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