Carragher and Henry pick their Premier League Hall of Fame


Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry sat down with David Jones to pick six players who could possibly join Alan Shearer and Henry in the Premier League Hall of Fame. The pair agreed on three and had different picks for the other three spots with Jamie being chided on not being in the 23-men shortlist.

The first star the pair nominated was Dennis Bergkamp. Thierry gushed about how amazing Bergkamp was as a professional and how he looked up to him. The influence he had on Arsenal and the players around were Henry’s main talking points and stated that it was a no-brainer for him.

Eric Cantona was the next in line. Carragher explained how Cantona’s influence on Manchester United led them to create a stronger team in the years that followed. He also praised him for changing the way to which Premier League was perceived which brought immediate approval from Henry. Henry told how the French were inspired by this person who had received the title of ‘King’ in England.

The only midfielder the duo agreed upon was none other than Roy Keane. Henry complained about how he gets annoyed when people talk only about Keane’s anger issues and went on to explain how his attitude and power as a captain simply amazed.

“The way he could galvanise everyone and make them play better by just who he was. Wow!” – Thierry Henry on Roy Keane.

Special Mentions for the Premier League Hall of Fame

Henry believed that Vieira’s influence was like Roy Keane’s. He boldly stated that Vieira could run the midfield all by himself and added that he would confidently play 4-1-5 with Vieira in midfield. He recalled a time when Vieira played on a Sunday and Tuesday when most players could not play, winning Man-Of-The-Match for both performances.

Henry picked Paul Scholes because he believed that if Scholes was controlled, Manchester United was controlled. He reiterated that the entire squad had a common job – stop Paul Scholes. However, Carra stayed loyal to Steven Gerrard, picking him over Scholes.

While agreeing that Henry was the greatest player to grace the Premier League, he called Gerard ‘The Best All-Round Player’. He explained how Gerard was in the PFA Team of the Year more than any player. From Right-back all the way to No.10, Carra recalls how he couldn’t avoid Gerard’s influence.

Carra decided to pick John Terry. He was the only defender picked by them. Admitting that he admired him more because he played in the same position, he explained how he effortlessly used his weak foot to deliver 60-yard passes. He praised him to be one the greatest Premier League captain alongside Roy Keane.

Henry decided to pick Frank Lampard because of his sheer stats. He labeled Lampard as ‘Mr.Chelsea’. He recalled how Lampard was cornered by West Ham fans when young and then went on to become a Chelsea legend.

Carra then picked Peter Schmeichel, the only goalkeeper of the lot. Jones quipped to point out how Jamie had picked 3 Manchester United players despite being a Liverpool Crusader. However, being part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Treble winning side is enough to be part of the Hall of Fame.

Those were 6 six players Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry would induct into the Premier League’s Hall of Fame.

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