Santosh Trophy is one of the oldest football tournaments in India. Meanwhile, it started in 1941. It is an inter-state football championship. This means different Indian states send their best players to compete for the trophy.


The tournament was started in 1941 with the aim of promoting football among Indian states. Meanwhile, the first tournament was won by Bengal. Moreover, they went on to become one of the most successful teams in the tournament’s history. Santosh Trophy has since then become an integral part of Indian football. Many talented players made their mark in the tournament over the years.


The winner of the Santosh Trophy is awarded a silver trophy. It is modeled on the shape of a football. The tournament has been won by a total of 12 teams. Meanwhile, Bengal is the most successful team in the tournament’s history. They have won the trophy 32 times. The other teams that have won the trophy more than once are Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Punjab.


Santosh Trophy is not a high-revenue generating tournament. It is mainly organized for the development of football in India. The AIFF and the state football associations bear the majority of the expenses. This includes the travel and accommodation of the teams, referees’ fees, and prize money.


The tournament has seen some intense rivalries over the years. The most notable is between Bengal and Goa. The two teams have faced each other in the final of the tournament on multiple occasions, with Bengal coming out on top more often than not. Meanwhile, the rivalry has been fueled by the fact that both teams have some of the best footballing talents in the country.


In recent years, the tournament has faced some challenges due to the emergence of the Indian Super League (ISL) and the I-League. Moreover, these tournaments have taken center stage in Indian football. However, the tournament continues to be an important platform for young footballers to showcase their talent and earn a place in the national team.


Santosh Trophy has a rich history. It is a vital tournament in Indian football. It has provided a platform for many young players to make their mark in the sport. Moreover, it has contributed to the development of football in India. While the tournament may not generate high revenues, it remains an integral part of Indian football. It is eagerly awaited by fans every year.

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