Cavani could be fined over the racial term, Neville slams community


Edinson Cavani brought Manchester United to an astonishing comeback against Southampton with a 3-2 victory. The Uruguayan set up Bruno Fernandes with an assist and scored twice to bring Red Devils back from a 0-2 scoreline.

After the match, Cavani replied to a message of congratulations on Instagram, where he used the Spanish term ‘negrito’ which means black. This aroused controversies and discussions that Cavani should be penalized for being offensive.

Subsequently Manchester United and Gary Neville came to the scene with their statements on the matter.

United implied that Cavani’s usage of the word was clearly in an affectionate manner as connotations in South America where Cavani is from doesn’t define it in an offensive way. The club further said Edinson has been made aware of such terms being viewed as offensive in the UK and that post was withdrawn henceforth.

Cavani could face a three-match ban if English Football Federation find him guilty over the racial term.


Gary Neville has urged the English football authorities to introduce diversity inclusion training after racism still being spotted here and there.

He further pointed out that education regarding the subject should be given from the school curriculum itself. Otherwise, this is going to happen again and again.

“Every time there’s an alleged offence of racism or there is an offence of racism or someone is offended by a word that’s not appropriate, we hear the word ‘education’, we hear the word ‘training’ and still football is incapable of putting a curriculum in place for its players, its members, its fans that is compulsory.

‘Why is Edinson Cavani not subjected to diversity inclusion training and education the minute he comes into this country?

– Gary Neville

Neville stated that Edinson Cavani should have been given diversity inclusion training right at the minute he entered this country. Not to remind him of his duties but to educate him.

To this day we have banners being held, we have players taking the knee, we hold flags in the air, wear badges on our chests – where is the education and training? Cavani didn’t have a clue what he was doing was wrong. In the last 24 hours he had to apologize for the act, Neville concluded insisting diversity inclusion training be implemented.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that it seems Cavani might have learned this the hard way. But Ole says he is confident that Cavani has no problems regarding this in the mindset.

Ole spoke that, from all he knows of him he would be full of energy from this and would work the mindset to be ready for the match.

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