Could Diego Maradona’ death be avoided by better doctors?

maradona' death could be avoided by proper treatment

According to reports, the final report of the commission appointed by the judiciary points the finger at the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque and the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov for the death of Diego Armando Maradona. 

The former Napoli and Barcelona player died on 25th November 2020 from a heart attack. He also had brain surgery to remove a blood clot three weeks earlier before his death. 

The conclusion of the medical report carried out by the commission appointed by the judiciary as ‘an avoidable death’. The doctors who are responsible for the situation could formally charge with manslaughter. The judiciary is only awaiting for the evaluations and replies from the partisan experts.

reports are saying maradona had an avoidable death

Maradona could have lived longer

The cause of the death, cardiorespiratory arrest generated by severe heart failure, pulmonary edema, and acute cirrhosis. All pathologies that, according to the conclusions of the experts, would have been almost ignored by those who were treating El Pibe de Oro.

There was totally lack of the minimum equipment and the inadequacy of the arrangement provided for the home hospitalization. 

Diego found himself on November 18. A week before his death in a very critical condition, he was tired and incredibly swollen. His eyes were very big and could not move from the bed. A bodyguard from Diez alerted that day on the phone with Luque. 

However, he did not take it seriously and said to leave it alone and not to worry about it.

According to the experts,  “Maradona’s conditions have worsened day after day in an irreparable way. Maradona in those days. In spite of the numerous warnings – concludes the report – no analysis was carried out, effectively leaving the patient in a state of abandonment.” – Experts on Maradona’ conditions

The next step: 

The charge for Luque and Cosachov, therefore, seems obvious, but the two specialists may not be the only ones. Several members of the Maradonian entourage remain in the crosshairs of the investigators, starting with the psychologist Charly, the handyman Maxi Pomargo, the ten nurses who in turn served in Tigre’s home, the coordinator of medical insurance, and above all his lawyer and business partner Matias Morla.

the investigation report of maradona' death

Before proceeding in any direction, however, the judiciary awaits the evaluations and replies from the partisan experts. Who just received the final report from the medical commission. After that, presumably by the first half of May, the lawsuit can proceed.

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