Dark Truth behind creation of European Super League

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The twelve historically elite football clubs from Premier League, La Liga and Serie A have decided to create a competition European Super League where they will be the head of the competition and they won’t have to fight to qualify for the competition. 

The pyramid of football will be completely demolished if this competition happens in the future. This competition will be the perfect reflection of the idiom, “richer will get richer and poor will become poorer”. 

When the biggest power of football goes to the non-footballing background people and the money-makers, then scenarios like this are not a huge surprise. Pretty much the same as the Hero Indian Super League. Where only the rich can participate by paying a huge fee and no relegation system in the competition. 

The truth behind the competition

During this pandemic, these big clubs have suffered a huge financial loss. They had to suffer even more due to the prevention of fans’ entrance into the stadium. 

The financial aspect of the game has increased significantly over the last few decades. For that reason, they pay huge transfer fees and huge salaries to their star players. These unplanned expenses have caused the club’s debt. And in times of pandemic, they suffered even more. 

In a situation like this if they miss out on the Champions League qualification they will suffer heavily. So, they are looking for a competition which will give them a guaranteed entry and money will keep on coming no matter what. 

The Super League will bring them far more money than the Champions League. The founding clubs expect to receive more than 10 billion euros in uncapped “solidarity payments” during their initial commitment period. They will also receive 3.5 billion euros for infrastructure investment and to offset their losses from the pandemic.

In the recent past, Manchester United, Arsenal, AC Milan, Inter Milan and even Liverpool before the Jurgen Klopp era have struggled to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Which caused a huge financial loss to these teams. So, they are willing to join this competition. 

The Dark Truth behind the European Super League:

When Fifa announced Qatar as the host country of 2022 the world criticised that decision. Even Germany and Norway protested during their last World Cup qualifying game. 

According to Arab News, the credibility of the FIFA boss Gianni Infantino, who promised to clean up football’s governing body on taking over from the discredited Sepp Blatter, and the decision to award the 2022 hosting rights to Qatar.

Among the allegations it said that Infantino, as UEFA secretary-general, allowed PSG to operate with impunity regarding FFP, the body dishing out only minor penalties for violations to the Qatar-owned club, falling way short of the most severe penalty that could have been thrown at them, expulsion from the Champions League.

So now if European Super League happens and all the players will be banned from World Cup and UCL competition. There will be a World Cup without stars so all the money invested by Qatar in building huge stadiums will go in vain. 

PSG are a Qatar owned club so they are not going to join the European Super League right away. They are now sitting on the fence about this proposed offer at least until the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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