Different Types of Bets and Mistakes in Football Betting


Thousands of football matches take place every week, which fans and bettors enjoy. Because of its popularity, football has opened many available sites and markets for betting. Several bookmakers make everything more exciting by using every little detail of a match like the number of corners won, individual goal scorers, and even red and yellow cards shown during the match.

You can make the most out of football betting by exploring different sites and carefully studying their special offers, bonuses, and competitive odds. In addition, there are beginner-friendly sportsbooks offering bonuses like the bwin sportsbook bonus that provide a safe space for you to start. You should also familiarize yourself with the different jargon used in football betting, especially the different types of bets.

This article will give you an overview of the most famous bets on football that you are likely to encounter.

Match bet. In this bet, you just need to predict the outcome of a football match. Then, choose between the home team win, away team win, or draw. But remember that the result after penalties or extra time is not considered in this bet. They strictly follow the outcome of the match after the 90-minute time frame.

Bet builder. This is a new crowd favorite since it allows bettors to build their accumulator from various markets. You can combine numerous outcomes like the corners and goal scorers, the number of yellow cards, or player props. This is a complicated form of betting, perfect if you know a lot about the teams playing the match.

Double chance. This type of betting reduces the element of risk and gives you a higher winning chance since you can bet on two outcomes: home team or draw, away team or draw, and home team or away team. You win if your prediction is correct.

Totals. This type is also known as over/unders or O/U. Playmakers will predict the total points or score in the game. Your job is to think whether the match’s final score will be under or over their prediction. For example, they predicted 47 points; you’ll need at least 47.5 to win the over bet and not more than 46.5 points to win the under bet.

In-game/live betting. This means you can make a bet during the match. For example, you can check the game’s dynamic before making your pick. If a team has complete control over the game in the first quarter, bet on them (even if they are not your favorite team).

You can encounter more types of football bets as you go along, but studying these five most popular types will help you get started. Also, remember that it is essential to watch many football games and stay on top of the news before making your bets.

Finally, take note of the team’s star players, injured players, track records, strengths, and weaknesses so you have a higher chance of winning. Good luck and have fun!

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