Eden Hazard appeals to World Cup referees for the protection of stars like Neymar


Belgian international Eden Hazard calls on World Cup referees to protect him and players like Neymar. Neymar, Hazard, and Vinicius are one of the most fouled players in the World Cup. The Brazilian forward sustained an ankle injury in his last match against Serbia in the World Cup. He has been ruled out of the next two group-stage games as of now.

Neymar’s injury urged Hazard to make a call to the referees to increase the protection of the players. Even though fouls and injury are a part of the game, he demanded some strict laws on the matter.


Eden Hazard while talking at a press conference said:

“I always say if there is a foul on me it means I have the ball, so it’s a good sign, it’s part of my game.” “More players with the ball like me, like Neymar, like Vinicius Junior, we can receive fouls. We have to deal with it. There is no problem, it’s part of the game.

“I just hope opponents can have yellow cards more often than now, because then they will stop the fouls. But it’s part of the game, if you don’t want to get fouled don’t get the ball, that’s it.”

Hazard and his team faced an unfortunate defeat in the hands of Morocco and should definitely avoid injuries to be at their best in their last fixture.


Neymar recently posted his injury update on social media(Instagram)where he said :

“The pride and love I feel wearing the shirt is inexplicable. If God gave me the opportunity to choose a country to be born in, it would be BRAZIL.”

“Nothing in my life was given or easy, I always had to chase after my dreams and my goals. Never wishing someone harm but helping those in need. Today has become one of the most difficult moments of my career… and again in a World Cup.”

“I have an injury yes, it is annoying, it is going to hurt, but I’m sure I will have a chance to come back because I’ll do my best to help my country, my teammates and myself. Long wait for the enemy to take me down like this? Never! I am the son of the god of the impossible and my faith is endless.”

If Brazil are fortunate enough to qualify for the round of 16, we will see Neymar play once again in possibly his last World Cup hoping he fully recovers.

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