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I love to watch football and analyzing it.

A human being with an insatiate appetite for Football.

A Football Freak Who Loves to Play and Discuss Football.

A scientific geek passionate about football and music!

Always, Everytime, Everyday, it's Football

Motto for Life - Eat. Sleep. Football. Repeat.

Manas Ranjan Pandab writes for the Football Express on Indian Football and specializes in featured and transfer news.

Hi, I am 23 yrs old, Mass Media student from Kolkata.

A normal kid from India who happens to be crazy in love with football more than anything.

platonically sane

A Normal Football Freak.

Liverpool is my Religion and Anfield is my Church. 17th may 1996 the date i had my blood coloured red. The one you love the most you can not live without it and that is football to me.

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