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I love to watch football and analyzing it.

A scientific geek passionate about football and music!

A Football Freak Who Loves to Play and Discuss Football.

Hi, I am 23 yrs old, Mass Media student from Kolkata.

A human being with an insatiate appetite for Football.

A normal kid from India who happens to be crazy in love with football more than anything.

I am an Indian Football fan, who is always in search of the latest Indian Football news.

Always, Everytime, Everyday, it's Football

Football Express connects football fans from all over the world. We provide football entertainment in its purest and most exciting form.


Arsenal fan, Trusting the process since 2010 😂!

Student and football lover.

Supported Manchester United for my whole existence. I know a bit about last-minute heartbreaks and happiness.

Motto for Life - Eat. Sleep. Football. Repeat.

I am Lakshmisree.saravanan .I was born on 18/02/2002. i have done my high school and higher secondary in Lourdes girls higher secondary school. Currently i am pursuing my U.G in B.com corporate secretaryship in Valliyammal college for women under Madras university

Liverpool is my Religion and Anfield is my Church. 17th may 1996 the date i had my blood coloured red. The one you love the most you can not live without it and that is football to me.

A Nature lover, occupy myself into cooking and building scientific knowledge. You could have a resourceful scientific conversation with me anytime!!

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer . Passionate about Football , I support Chelsea F.C, A Blue since 2009 .

I'm a an enthusiastic and passionate Football fan who loves to share his football opinions and analysis through Writing. I love to mix my articles with critique,humour and stats or metrics(they tell us more about the game). I also have made Football Edits on my YouTube Channel SKILLZDINHO so do check it out.

A passionate goonerette who thinks football is a way of life.

Freelance Football Writer | He covers topics related to football around the world and follows Indian Football closely.

Learnt a lot about life through football. A football aficionado.

A Normal Football Freak.

Editor-in-chief at Football Express

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