Everton ready to sell Moise Kean to PSG for £43 million


In the middle of the Mercato period, Paris Saint-Germain is trying to buy Moise Kean from Everton.  Negotiations are now in progress for a few weeks. It seems that the price is set around £43 million. 

The initial price set by Everton was £50 million. The player was not able to shine in Everton in the last few seasons. Today, the Italian player is one of the main players for the Parisians this season. That’s why Everton justifies this high price.

On the other hand, PSG thinks that the price is too high for a player coming from a club like Everton. However, coach Mauricio Pochettino seems to be willing to make some financial concessions. 

Where can Kean go from Everton other than PSG?

Various reports say that Paris Saint-Germain is not the only club after Moise Kean. Most of them think that the negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain will be successful. However, others are convinced that Kean will return to the club of his heart: Juventus. 

“The real Moise is the one from this year. He is still only at 70% of his potential. It seems difficult for him to return to Everton.” – Moise Kean’s brother Giovanni Kean.

PSG must be wary of Juve in their hunt for Moise Kean. According to the Italian media, the Juventus board would love to bring back Moise Kean. The transfer is plausible especially since he started as a professional in Turin and still keeps the Old Lady in his heart.

Those who think that Kean should join Juventus find the £43 million offered by Paris Saint-Germain ridiculous. The Italian international player is one of the best strikers of the season after Kylian Mbappe. This one had been transferred in 2019 for £145 million. 

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