FC Barcelona: A New Era- Official trailer by Barcelona to be streamed on Amazon Prime

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FC Barcelona’s documentary FC Barcelona: A New Era is all set for streaming on Amazon Prime. This is supposed to cover the club’s journey from their historical loss of 8-2 to Bayern Munich. Football documentaries are becoming mainstream in the world of media. Barcelona’s released documentary is likely to receive huge applause and views from football fans all over the world.

The documentary is set to release on 28th December 2022 and is produced by Barca Studios. As seen in the trailer, the documentary will start from Ronald Koeman’s departure. It will further extend to Messi’s shocking departure also Xavi’s time in Barcelona. Also, Quique Seiten’s sacking to Joan Laporta’s re-election are to be featured in this series of 5 episodes.


The club released a 1-minute video on their social media platforms also on Twitter.

The video focuses on Suarez’s departure to Messi’s emotional speech. Also, Koeman learns his fate while on the plain to. Despite the fall Barca faced in their tough times and rising to the top yet again by the hands of Xavi are also present.

There will be many unseen behind the scenes in the series which will surely emotionally connect football fans around the world, especially Barcelona fans.

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