Former Argentina Defender encouraged Romero to look for big club

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Tottenham defender Romero has been one of the best defenders in the Premier League. He won the World Cup with Argentina. He had important role in being world champions.

A former Argentina center back Sergio Vázquez described Tottenham’s Cuti Romero as the best number two in the history of Argentina football. Vázquez stated his opinion to El Grafico. He is convinced that Romero has all the potential to serve Argentina for the next decade as the key player.

He even goes ahead to advise Romero to seek a change of team to a big team provided team like Manchester City. Since the player transferred to Tottenham Hotspur from Atalanta in 2021, Romero has proved to be very talented. He joined on the loan and then signed permanently the following year for €52 million.

When he arrived in England his reputation was labeled as the best Italian defender. And he has remained to be the same best defender in Tottenham team. In conclusion one could say that the future appears to be rather promising as far as Romero’s career is concerned. If he decides to join one the clubs that play in premier league such as Manchester City, it could even improve his skills and stature.

Indeed, his record in defense and acquitting himself well in the English Premier League. Cliché as it may sound in three years he could move to a club. That is higher in the rankings and get even better results. It can be said, having such a talent and with proper conditions provided by the Argentinian football industry. Romero has the potential to become a true legend of the sport.

Will Romero fit in Man city?

Cristian Romero is an internationally recognized player. He has vied for Argentina 31 times and has won 2021 Copa America and FIFA world cup 2022. He is 26 now and he is fully fit. And that is because when Micky van de Ven left to join Tottenham last year. Romero was inspired and performed well this year. Vázquez has his own visions about Romero’s further evolution. He believes that Romero should switch teams in the future. And after this match he recommends City, although under the supervision of the manager Pep Guardiola.

It can only be described as spectacular how far from where it all started Romero has come. Although joining the local amateur teams in Argentina. He has been quite persistent and has displayed great talent as a member of Tottenham’s key defenders.

His tackling style and quick thinking when on the field have made him be so famous among the fans. And the sporting experts. All in all, at Tottenham, Romero has risen to the occasion. However, the most successful collaboration can be referred to a partnership with van de Ven that has developed the kind of defense that is almost invulnerable.

Romero to City

This has not only helped to strengthen the defense of the team but has also given Romero an avenue to express himself on the attack especially in line with the formation of the team. As of the future expectations, speaking of which joining could occur in the nearest future, it is inspiring to imagine Romero as the player of Manchester City.

He may stand to gain some of the tactical acumen and polished footballer class by playing under Pep Guardiola. Man City would be the perfect place for Romero to thrive due to Guardiola’s reputation in developing talents and sharpening them into formidable weapons. Thus, as Romero goes on shining, the football world waits in anticipation.

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