Former Liverpool Manager Gerard Houllier Dies at 73


The year 2020 was not pleasing to everyone, as many fallbacks happened that resulted in the unmemorable consolations reserved for our future. One such news that remains a history in Premier League Football is the demise of the Former Liverpool Manager Gerard Houllier.

The Frenchman, who marked his end at 73, is always an inspiration for players of all ages because of the recognition as “Touch of Destiny” and the responsibility that he holds for his Clubs. As a gentleman, he was open, thoughtful, accommodative, and deeply human.

Gerard Houllier: Career Statistics and Rewards

Houllier’s career was significant by achieving several successes, including the 1986 French Division 1 title with PSG and Ligue 1 titles with Lyon in 2006 and 2007, and the tributes paid on Monday also spoke to his popularity as an individual.

Besides his indomitable courage and faith, he was suffering tough times since his early life and recently revealed from a Heart Surgery. Houllier managed Aston Villa later in his career, mentored the Reds to an FA Cup, League Cup, and UEFA Cup treble in 2001, the highlight of his six-year spell in charge.

He also supervised Paris St Germain, Lyon, and the France national team during his career, despite suffering from heart complications for several years.

“In the amateur world as a player and then as a coach, in the professional world as a coach of renowned clubs, in the federation as national technical director and coach of the France team.

“French football is losing one of its greatest technicians, and the French federation one of its most loyal servants. Gerard Houllier has distinguished himself at all levels of football”.

-French Football Federation

Tributes shower in for Former Liverpool manager

The extent to which Houllier’s success was inspired by that night at Anfield will never be truly measured, but it clearly struck with the Frenchman, who recalled as recently as 2016 the impression Liverpool‘s performance had left on him.

Former players, Colleagues, and Fellow managers paid gratitude through warm tributes pouring on all sides of the club associates. Former Joint manager Roy Evans of Liverpool, who joined hands with Houllier in the initial days of the Reds Football Association embraced his sincere commendation stating:

“My mate, my colleague, my boss. One of the greatest moments of my life was when we came together in 1998. Just to be in his company was an absolute treat. So loyal, so passionate and extremely fierce”.

“So many wonderful times, bringing smiles back to peoples faces. 2001 should never be forgotten”.

“Since we finished, at the end of every conversation we had, I told him I loved him and would always be grateful for him giving a wonderful partnership. RIP Boss”.

-Roy Evans, Former Joint manager Liverpool

Liverpool forward and former manager Sir Kenny Dalglish tweeted :

“Very sad news about Gerard Houllier. He was a gentleman and a great footballing person; I enjoyed his company many times”.

“His legacy at LFC will forever be appreciated, respected, and never forgotten. Marina and I offer our sincere condolences to his family. RIP Gerard. YNWA”

– Sir Kenny Dalglish, former forwarder and manager Liverpool

Though his presence remains in absence, his dedicated duties and commitment that was established in his career mark an unforgettable journey which anyone would fail to replace and is a true genius whose brilliance will never go in vain.

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