Gary Lineker shared insights from meet with Gareth Southgate

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Gary Lineker has shared an information from a private talk he had with Gareth Southgate. In which they talked about the Manchester City player who is making difference at Manchester City. The Englishman is in charge of one of the most talented football teams globally.

And his bright opinion about the players he calls to the national team. He often selects Kyle Walker, Phil Foden, and John Stones for the England senior national football team. Even further, Walker and Stones have been constant starters since the 2018 World Cup. Whereas Foden has earned his place in the successive three major tournaments’ teams.

It is for this reason that Gareth Southgate has placed his confidence in such players. For they have proved worthy for the team. These attributes and hard work in the field are evidence of Southgate’s capacity to discover talents. And develop the national team to rival other counterpart international football teams in the world.

These players’ ever-increasing exploits with both club and national teams not only afford them their hard-earned big bucks, but also act as role models to the aspiring footballer back in the country. Spikes’ transformation from potential stars into valuable assets of their teams is a testimony of what a good coaching can do and constant dedication.

England’s boss Gareth Southgate has highly rated the trio of players who ply their trade for Manchester City. In this article, names of specific players are provided and as much as the English team needs them, such players MUST prove Southgate’s confidence in them and play to the best of their capabilities if England is to stand a chance at winning Euro 2024.

Gary Lineker shared interesting comment Gareth Southgate made about John Stones

On BBC Match of the Day: Top 10, Lineker initially discussed Stones:

“John Stones, he’s kind of evolved into this all-round, graceful, wonderful football, hasn’t he? Bizarrely, he was left out quite a bit by Pep [Guardiola] having been unbelievably [good] but the thing with Pep, you never know, do you?”

“You can be like, the player and then suddenly he’ll go, well, actually, you’re out for a month or two months.

Micah Richards replied: “He got some injuries though, didn’t he and then [Nathan] Ake did well, [Manuel] Akanji did well, [Ruben] Dias did well.”

Gary Lineker replied: “I get that.”Gary Lineker went on to reveal what Gareth Southgate said to him about John Stones, saying: “It’s funny, I had a long conversation with Gareth Southgate at the Football Writers’ Association Player of the Year awards and you know, he doesn’t give much away but we were talking about defensive, because we were talking about the injuries at the back in particular.”

There is no crime with that, and if they can carry it over to the national team. England could indeed be on their way to the Euro 2024 trophy. But this is a big challenge, which allows persons to become national idols and legends. They can be the last hope of their nation and this can make them record a very crucial productivity for England to gain success.

Southgate’s strategy evidently relies on the attacking trio and Manchester City stars. They would look to be competitive in the Euros. Kind of team they have they are favourites to win the tournament. France is a team who come closer to win the tournament.

They go hand in hand with concerns about the fitness of the player whom Gareth Southgate must be pondering about John Stones. As recently as last season, when Stones struggled with injuries, Southgate was making fun of him to Gary Lineker saying that the latter dose not see him play much.

Now, however, the concern is the exact opposite. Stones, who is 30 years old, finally experienced a new problem. On Wednesday he was ill thus unable to train with England. Manchester City’s Stones who signed a new contract with the club that saw him being paid £250,000 a week began only 19 games in all competitions. At the same time, Stones is a great defender, but I suppose he does not estimate his preparation for the given tournament as quite sufficient chance.

England kick off against Serbia on Sunday. Unless the Englishman fails to recover from his illness in time. Southgate would be concerned about whether Stones is well and truly match-fit or if he has to draft another centre-back into his side. Either as a starter or a makeshift option for a few games.

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