Henrikh Mkhitaryan: How will he fit into the Nerazzurri?

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Henrikh Mkhitaryan seems to be the last piece Inter Milan needs. The Armenian has room in the Milan club and can create wonders if he joins.

FBref and Wyscout have prepared statistics that compare Mkhitaryan to Inter Milan’s midfielders. Their football analysts have kept track of every activity on the pitch. From goal contributions and pass accuracy to possession, everything has been recorded.

Goal Contributions

Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Nicolo Barella scored 12 and 15 goals compared to the Roman’s 20. In fact, Mkhitaryan has 0.44 goals per game which beat the other two by 0.10% as a result, Inter Milan needs this Roman immediately.


The key factor in football is to not give the ball away to the opposition and dribble well. Mkhitaryan dribbles the ball 49.2% of the match compared to Çalhanoğlu’s 56.7% and Barella’s 59.7. This clearly shows the three can pose serious build-up play for Nerazzurri in the future.

Creative playmaking

Midfielders need to create chances for the wingmen to score goals. This is a skill Mkhitaryan has experienced in his career. The Armenian pass competition for AS Roma stands at 82.7% compared to Çalhanoğlu’s 81.8% and Barella’s 83.5%.

One more quality a midfielder needs is making assists that look better than the goal. Henrikh makes 0.79 of such passes per game in the Italian League. There are many areas where the 33-year-old is better than the other already Inter midfielders.

Third passes, playing as an attacking midfielder, and of course, some defending skills make the scoreboard; Henrikh Mkhitaryan 3-0 Barella and Çalhanoğlu. This is a fair start for a midfielder playing in the Serie A where everyone plays nothing but defense.

Should Mkhitaryan stay at Inter Milan?

There is always concern about an older player’s ability to maintain the greater standard that a Serie A and Champions League title contender like Inter would demand once they join the squad.

Although Mkhitaryan, who is 33 years at the time of this writing, may raise similar questions, his statistics show that he actually outperforms players like Alhanolu and Barella in some important categories. He is a fantastic midfielder for the bench when you consider that he was a free agent, obviously excluding money.

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