How can Bayern Munich prosper with the help of Joao Cancelo?

Italian goalkeeper

Joao Cancelo is moving to Bayern Munich. Even though it’s on loan, it’s still a huge deal. Many people may be skeptical about this deal. There have been rumors that Bayern is desperate, and that Manchester City may know something Bayern doesn’t. Bayern Munich transfer paranoia is to blame for these notions, not a lack of quality, as Cancelo is being shipped out due to systemic inconsistency.

Cancelo is among the best fullbacks in the world. Even if it is just a case of adding a high-caliber player, this deal works. He is insanely well-rounded. In spite of fitness limitations, he should be considered a starter. It is surprising to obtain a player of such high quality at this part of the season.

Joao Cancelo will fight Mazraoui for a place in the starting XI

COVID-19 has ravaged Bayern’s most consistent full-back for the second season in a row. Due to pericarditis, Noussair Mazraoui will not be able to play against Paris Saint-Germain on Valentine’s Day in the round of 16 of the Champions League. It is crucial to note that Cancelo’s presence extends to every game Bayern plays. While Mazraoui’s quality is higher than most clubs, it does not meet Julian Nagelsmann’s standard.

Bayern’s defense is asymmetrical under Nagelsmann. While Alphonso Davies on the left side plays as an overlapping wingback, the right side plays very differently. During the build-up, Mazraoui inverts in the middle to assist Joshua Kimmich as a central presence. Meanwhile, Leon Goretzka advances further up the field.

While inverting, there is only one right back in the world that can get a higher rank than Mazraoui. The player in question is none other than João Cancelo himself. Despite Cancelo’s lack of defensive ability or dribbling ability, he has amazing passing range. However, only time will tell how much effective Cancelo will be on the field for Bayern.

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