Hugo Boumous: We need to improve in the derby


Like last season, this time too ATK Mohun Bagan wins the opening match by defeating Kerala Blasters. Hugo Boumous and Liston Colaco, two newcomers to the team, have scored great goals. Hugo scored a pair of goals. He also became Man of the Match in his first match in the Green-Maroon jersey. Liston scored a world-class goal by getting the ball off three defenders. What they said after the match …..

Hugo Boumous said,

“I am just happy with what I played in the opening match. You can say it was a memorable match for me because I scored a pair of goals in the first match and became the Man of the Match. The first match is always tough. Apart from that, we got three points by scoring four goals as a team. It is important to score to make the team win and we have started to get that. “

“I am really enjoying the game with Roy Krishna. Roy won the Golden Ball last year. The more understanding between us increases, the more the club will benefit. He can understand my passes. So, it helps me. Liston Colaco’s goal is remarkable. Everyone will understand how talented he is by seeing his goals. “

“Derby is ahead. I am waiting to play that match. I have heard a lot about the Kolkata Derby. There will be no spectators on the field, that’s what pains me. Despite winning against Kerala, not everything was perfect for us. The opponent has scored two goals. The mistakes must be rectified in the derby. We need to improve further. We have to maintain the continuity of winning in the derby. “

Liston Colaco said,

“Everyone is saying that the goal I scored in the first match in the Green-Maroon jersey is world-class. However, I have to admit that I have scored some goals for the other team before but I have never scored such a goal. It feels good to score a goal. Enjoying everyone’s wishes. I want to score in every match. I want to dedicate the first goal for ATK Mohun Bagan to the supporters. “

“My family is happier with my performance than I am. Especially my parents. There is no opportunity to enter the field. So, they watched the game on TV, sitting at the house in Goa. Everyone expects me to play well which will help the team and to keep scoring more goals. “

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