Hugo Lloris blocks Karim Benzema Return

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Reports suggest that currently, Retired France captain Hugo Lloris blocked Karim Benzema’s return. 

Amidst an exhilarating World Cup 2022 finale between Argentina and France, we witnessed a drama. There were reports that France captain Hugo Lloris eliminated the chances of Karim Benzema returning to the squad. The Ballon d’Or winner was poised to play an important role for France. His absence caused a lot of stir post France’s defeat to eventual champions Argentina. 

Hugo Lloris reported having snubbed Karim Benzema’s return 

France was eliminated in the finale to an inspired Argentina squad on 18th December 2022. The veterans Lionel Messi and Angel DeMaria played crucial roles. The one question that pegged the French performance throughout their campaign was- Where is Karim Benzema? The controversial forward experienced the greatest season of his career at Real Madrid and eventually won the richest individual prize in World Football, The Ballon d’Or. However, reported injuries, just weeks before the World cup kept him out of action for weeks. The prolific striker was kept out of the World Cup Squad. Reports suggested that when he was fit to return to the squad, his possible comeback was snubbed by captain Hugo Lloris. They decided to keep the squad 


Hugo Lloris’s statement post-controversy 

Hugo Lloris addressed the media and reportedly said,

“There are a lot of things that have been said, which are either false or ridiculous: the atmosphere was very good before he left, and very good after. But we would all have preferred that the Ballon d’Or winner when we see what he has brought since his return, could be with us. He’s still a major asset!” 

He also retorted by saying,

“To say that we would have pushed for him to leave is completely false, and I do not see how we would benefit from that. He was essential for 18 months, he helped us win the Nations League, and his return would only have been positive. It is dishonest to claim that some of us were in favor of his departure. When you approach a World Cup, you want to do it with your best players.”

Situation post-controversy 

Both the France legends in question, Hugo Lloris and Karim Benzema have announced their retirements post France’s loss to Argentina in the World Cup final. Lloris will be representing Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League. Benzema, on the other hand, would be representing Real Madrid. 

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