“India is a future powerhouse in the world football”- Edu Bedia


The Indian Men’s Football Team under the supervision of National Coach Igor Stimac recently played 2 international friendlies in Dubai. The Blue Tigers came up with a laudable presentation as they accomplished a 1-1 draw owing to a Manvir Singh’s header in the 55th minute against Oman.
But suffered a painful and humiliating 6-0 loss to the UAE -their massive defeat against the Gulf side in their second match. Their disappointing performance led to harsh criticism from the home fans and many supporters questioning the credibility of the Croatian coach for mentoring the Indian football team.

Spanish international Edu Bedia who plays for Indian Super League, team FC Goa took to social networking site, Instagram asking Indian Football fans to be understanding and thinks that Indian Football is on the rise following the upsetting India’s loss to the UAE.
“In the last four years I have been asked many times about how big a difference there is between Indian football and European football. And how the level of Indian football could be improved. I have always answered the same thing and I think after what I saw yesterday, many people will agree.
“The India game was a hard blow of reality for Indian football. I think the Indian coach is doing a fantastic job to improve the young players by giving them opportunities with the national team [as many as 10 players debuted for India against Oman in the first game].”
-Edu wrote in his post on Instagram on Tuesday.

The midfielder went on: “However, the reality is that the 80th team in the FIFA ranking is a level above India, and what matters less is the result and what should hurt the most is seeing the feeling of superiority in all aspects of the game from the UAE – be it technical quality, tactics or space control, etc.
“Journalists have asked me so many times when we can see India in a World Cup. But that cannot be the question India should be asking just right now. For that dream to realize, there need to be years spent on working in academies and investing in grassroots and youth level”.
“There is talk that it would be good to nationalize a foreign player to raise the level of the national team but we must look more towards the long-term. It would be more efficient and wiser to invest in coaches and infrastructure in the lower levels. And in a few years, the growth and improvement in Indian football will be there for all to see.
“I really think that India is a future powerhouse in world football. That though will need loads of work and patience.
” – Bedia concluded.

Position of Indian Football Team in FIFA Qualifiers:

Even though India is out of the estimation for a 2022 World Cup position but they are still in heated disagreement for the qualification in the 2023 Asian Cup.
 The Blue Tigers will be seen in action against Qatar on 3 June, followed by Bangladesh on 7 June and Afghanistan on 15 June. India are presently placed 4th in Group E with 3 points from 5 games, 10 points behind the E group’s top competitors, Qatar.

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