Is Pavard to move out of Bayern this summer?

Italian goalkeeper

The future of Benjamin Pavard has been a topic of debate for Bayern Munich. The Bavarians have shown increased interest in Juventus’s Matthijs De Ligt. The Bundesliga Champions have been scouting the Dutch CB for quite a while now. With the departure of Jerome Boateng and David Alaba, it was almost certain that Bayern Munich will hunt for a CB.

Clearly, the Bayern coaching staff decided to not rely on Pavard as a CB. The Bavarians do not see a defensive leader in Pavard and feel that De Ligt can fill the void left by the veterans. Benjamin Pavard, in that case, will be facing even more and tougher competition in Defense. Mazraoui has been signed from Ajax and will most likely take up the right-back spot.

Such a substitute role will not be good for Pavard’s career who wants to be a top Defensive player at a top club. Bayern clearly does not offer him that chance which has made him rethink his future. At this point, no club has submitted an offer for Pavard whose situation is still unclear. One thing which is clear is that Bayern’s needs and Pavard’s ambitions are very different.

Bayern’s Masterful Transfer Window Business

Bayern Munich is probably the most well-managed club in the world. Despite some changes in management, they have done some brilliant business this summer also. The Bavarians have secured Sadio Mane for a bargain price, Mazraoui as a free agent, and Ryan Gravenberch. Currently, they are looking to get De Ligt as well. But the situation of Robert Lewandowski is a bit of a mess. It will be interesting to see how the Bavarians manage the departures of their players.

Robert Lewandowski is close to leaving than staying and so looks like the case with Pavard. But if this is the case, then suitable replacements have to be brought in by the Champions.

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