Shree Cement offers East Bengal their final agreement


Indian Super League outfit East Bengal SC have received their final agreement offer from Shree cement. Shree Cement are their official sponsor.

The brawl between East Bengal and its investors is nothing new, it has been going for months now. However, now it looks like the final decision would be made in their upcoming meeting.

East Bengal officials have made the statement that they would go through the agreement papers thoroughly before making any sort of decision.

East Bengal and Shree Cement have finally agreed to shake hands

Will this really be the end of the conflict for East Bengal?

According to the unknown sources, Shree Cement have finally listened to East Bengal and have made necessary changes. In order to make a deal possible. The contract will go under few changes keeping the demands of both parties in mind. So, far it seems that Shree Cement are ready to limit their access to the camps of the legacy club. Which was the main reason behind the tension.

 “Yes, we have received the final agreement. Our lawyers will go through it, said the club’s senior official Debabrata Sarkar

This ongoing drama has already harmed the image of the legendary, so it would be better if they sort it out as soon as possible and come to an agreement. Many players have either left or decided to leave in near future because of this brawl.

The main reason behind the dispute was the “autocracy” that the few clauses were changed or improvised in the final agreement. It seemed that the agreement had some biasedness towards the investors when it came to decision-making terms for the club.

Officials also said that many clauses were improvised to suit the needs of the Investor, and they were totally different clauses in comparison to what was there in the agreement signed in Sept 2020. Anyways this sounds a good deal for the fans, the majority of them were frustrated because of this ongoing drama. Hopefully, the team, management, players, and the fans would be able to do the football part now.

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