“It is what it is”- Gerard Pique comments as Barcelona lost 3-0

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Barcelona center-back Gerard Pique commenting after 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich reflect that the players have already lost hope. The Catalans got into the pitch with no motivation, no energy as if they were dead from inside. While it seems Bayern Munich thrashing Barcelona 8-2 in the 2019/20 Champions quarter-final kept on haunting them.

From the starting of the match, Barcelona had no real play nor attacks, as Bayern kept pushing the Catalan defense to their limits. But for much time the defense could go on like that. And following that Barcelona suffered a goal in the 34th minute as Thomas Muller fired a shot deflecting of Eric Garcia.

Getting on with the second half, the Catalans players carried the same attitude and style keeping their shoulders down and defending. While Bayern Munich scored another goal in the 56th minute, with Robert Lewandowski the scorer. But there was time for Barcelona to get into the game, however, it seemed they had no intention of doing so.

The game in the last 5 minutes, Bayern scored their third goal as Lewandowski had his brace in the match. And as the final whistle was blown Barcelona players looked relieved that they didn’t concede more than three goals. While the Catalan fans also have the same thinking following all the social media messages. And it is a sad scene to see one of the best clubs in Europe have a downfall like that. Barcelona are really missing their leader and magician Lionel Messi.

Barcelona center-back Gerard Pique giving his thoughts in the post-match session said “It is what it is, we are what we are, It’s not an excuse, Its a reality “. And saying that it seems the players have very little hope as the season remains very long. While Pique pointed out Barcelona’s lack of squad depth as they played with three B-team players. Anyways leaving all that aside we all hope to see Barcelona rise again after they have solved their internal problems.

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