AIFF not organizing Indian Women’s League, But Other Leagues Processed


Here is all about Indian Women’s League qualification process and the teams playing in the tournaments.

Here is the fifth edition of the Indian Women’s League and also it going to be featuring 12 teams, I don’t think you know how these teams are selected because I don’t know either it seems like the AIFF or the All India Football Federation and doesn’t have the clue either.

I mean you would have associate transparency with water, with glass but not with the All India Football Federation which seems to be running the ship, how these 12 teams have been allocated into this final round ,Nobody knows You know, we have asked a lot of questions and have received no answers from the AIFF it seems like they don’t know either, because some teams win the state league and provided direct entry into the final round.

Indian Women’s League Qualification Confusion

Whereas some teams have to fight it out in the qualification round, and there is no transparency on which team is selected and which team is to fight it out. There seems to be no standard practice taking place.

Indira Gandhi Sports Foundation

This team has got a big name , but they also play a big game. Because this team has won the Pondicherry state women’s League , they have won all the 10 games conceeded zero goals and scored a whopping 39. We think that this team will be selected directly into the final round . But no they have to fight it out in a qualification round to actually book a spot at the final round of the Indian Women’s League.

Sethu FC

Sethu FC which is the winner of the Tamil Nadu Women’s League. Will also be fight it out for the qualification round , so it seems like teams that are winning the state Leagues are having to still qualify into the final round, which is a bit shocking when you think about it.

Sirvodam FC

Sirvodem SC from goa have booked direct entry into the final round, having topped their states league winning seven out of eight matches.

Karnataka’s Kickstart FC

Karnataka’s Kickstart FC has done the very same and booked for the direct entry into the tournament . Its clear that how some teams winning their state league are having to fight it out in qualification , whereas other teams winning other state’s league have been provided direct entry .

And this is the transparency we were talking about why one state is being preferred over the other, its not clear and really it shouldn’t be happening even if they were giving us a reason. There is no reason why one team is preferred and other team is not. So there are lot of questions and still no answers. And that really puts a lot of doubts from the Indian Football Fans and the women’s game as well.

Kryphsa FC

KRYPHSA FC, a team that did even participate in the state’s league but has been provided a spot at the playoffs to fight it out to make it to the final round of the Indian Women’s League. Two clubs from Kerala , a state that didnot even organize a women’s tournament citing impacts of COVID-19 as a reason two of those teams have also been provided spots at the qualifications.

So you have teams that have not conducted a State league . And you have teams from states who have conducted a state’s league they have topped that league and they both are fighting it out in qualification .There are 16 states that where conducted the tournaments and the winners from those 16 states and put them in the final round .

And you have the final round in the Indian Women’s league with 16 champions teams from every state . Eight teams have been put into direct entry to the final round, whereas other eight teams are being put into the playofffs .

16 teams in the final round means more players more matches more competitions and surely a bigger pool to pick your talent from isn’t it? 2022 is a massive year for Indian women’s Football . We are going to be hosting two massive tournaments U-17 women’s world cup India 2021 the FIFA under -17 women’s world cup.

And the AFC women’s Asian championship and these two tournaments will come once in a lifetime for any country. And for India, we will likely not be qualifying for these tournaments if not for hosts. So this is the chance that to get a talent pool, make a great team, and fight it out at the world’s stage in their own backyard.

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