Jamal Musiala reveals how he has kept himself focused

Jamal Musiala

Jamal Musiala has risen to become one of the most important players for Bayern Munich and Germany. The youngster is still just 19 years old and has already become one of the brightest prospects in world football. At such a tender age, we often see players losing focus and not realizing their potential.

However, the German international has explained that he is fully focused on football. He explained in a recent interview that he lives with his parents which is an important factor in keeping him focused. The youngsters in modern-day football are often found spending nights in pubs and clubs. This tendency to have an extravagant nightlife is what causes most players to remain prospects and not become the stars they can.

The young playmaker has explained that he has been raised as a person who can’t lose focus. He says that his parents have always emphasized on the importance of focus and dedication and that he is completely focused on football and does not care for nightlife.

Jamal Musiala is the future of Bayern Munich and Germany

The young playmaker has abilities beyond imagination and is already a pivotal part of both squads. He is often deployed as a winger by Bayern Munich and has consistently contributed to goals. He has also been used as a midfielder and playmaker by Germany. However, he prefers to play as an attacking midfielder more than anything else.

However, his versatility allows his managers to use him differently. The German international has the vision of someone like Mesut Ozil and has finishing abilities like Miroslav Klose. This has often been shown in the games he has played. It is such a lethal combination for any player that his managers can’t stop playing him even at the tender age of 19.

Jamal Musiala will be hoping to win the Bundesliga again and add another UEFA Champions League title possibly. The youngster has already won a whopping 8 titles in his career at the age of 19. DFB Pokal is the only domestic trophy that has alluded the youngster and he will hope they could snap up that as well this season!!

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