James Milner: I’ve proved everyone wrong and ‘I like the fact’

James Milner: I’ve proved everyone wrong and ‘I like the fact’

James Milner has said that Liverpool’s Premier League title win proves that he made the right decision to leave Manchester City and sign for us in 2015.

At the time, the move was deemed as a fairly controversial Bosman, but Milner has been a loyal servant for us and been a lynchpin of Jurgen Klopp’s side – in various positions.

Milner has explained how he has got pleasure out of being doubted and then proving those doubters wrong.

“I like the fact that a lot of people thought I was making a mistake. That is one of the things that drives you. I was in a fortunate position of staying at City or going to Liverpool. But it was a chance to go to Liverpool…” he told the Mirror.

“Coming in at Liverpool I saw the hangover of that and the comments such as ‘we nearly won the league’. That thinking had to go. They had to move on and you can see from the journey it was bit by bit, improving all the time.

“Getting 97 points losing out to a special Man City team and not winning the league, now that’s make or break really. It’s either ‘what else can we do?’ Or is it ‘you know what, we can do better’. To be able to win it is incredible and I’m so proud to be part of it.”

Milner is our oldest player at 34-years, but he’s still one of our fittest and will have a role to play over the next two seasons until his contract expires in 2022.

We’d love him to get some kind of role at the club, as his attitude and enthusiasm around Melwood is infectious – but he might prefer to head back to Leeds United and finish off his playing days there.

After all, we imagine we could probably keep going until he’s 40 such is his ludicrous fitness.

Whatever he decides to do going forward, he’ll be part of Liverpool legend.

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