Washing Machine Halts Jose Mourinho’ Press Conference

Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in the history of football. But he was in a spin when a washing machine decided to halt his press conference.

Jose’s press conferences are always fun. From taking a jibe at his players to creating comical one-liners, we like his interviews as much as his tactics.

The washing machine incident happened before the Tottenham Hotspur away game to Liverpool on Wednesday night. Both teams have 25 points from 12 games with Tottenham leading on goal difference.

The Washing Machine incident with Jose Mourinho

During the Pre-Match Press Conference, a journalist began to ask about Harry Winks when his washing machine went into the spin cycle.

Jose look confused and interrupted the question to ask about the unusual noise. He even comically impersonated the noise made.

The Press Manager told journalist that the noise was coming from his end. The journalist sheepishly admitted that it was his washing machine and everyone had a light moment.

The journalist was able to ask his question and the Press Conference continued without a hitch.

Mourinho and his Press Conferences:

Jose Mourinho’s history with Press Conferences goes back to his Porto days and he has given these entertaining moments to all the clubs he has been to.

Here are a few hilarious digs by Jose.

Tottenham were going to face Manchester United in Premier League on Matchday 4. Tottenham had to play Shkendija in the Europa League game before that. During the warm-up, the Tottenham players realized that the goal post was 5cm shorter. Jose requested the UEFA delegation to have a look and they changed the goal.

United on the other hand played Brighton before that game and were lucky to see Brighton his the post four times. After the game, Ole joked that they were more lucky because Jose was not there.

These were just 2 out of many Jose comments. There were many more before and there will be many after.

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