Joshua Kimmich to be the next captain of Bayern Munich?

Joshua Kimmich

According to certain reports from journalists, Joshua Kimmich might become the next captain of Bayern Munich. Kimmich has already been playing a vital and influential role in the squad. With Manuel Neuer out of the squad for the rest of the season and Thomas Muller’s influence reduced, Kimmich is tipped to be the captain. Joshua Kimmich is expected to take even more responsibility in the field and play the role of a leader. The Bayern Munich management has already decided on making Kimmich wear the captain’s armband for the rest of the season.


Manuel Neuer, 36, is not in the Bayern Munich squad for the rest of the Bundesliga season. He suffered a fracture of his lower right leg and even though his surgery is successful, he is out of the squad. Joshua Kimmich has been an outstanding player and skillfully controls the Bavarian midfield. His presence is vital for the squad and is a respectable figure in the locker room. He is a great supporting figure in the squad with leadership abilities.

Kimmich supports his team on a mental level. Even though Leroy Sane’s diminishing form, Kimmich always encouraged him. Kimmich met with Sane for a meal to support him mentally. Kimmich is a vital link in the squad and also connects well with his foreign teammates. He has an excellent relationship, especially with the French players including Kingsley Coman.

Thomas Muller, on the other hand, had a terrible World Cup and he might not get leadership privileges anymore in the club. Joshua Kimmich eventually ascending to be the captain of Bayern Munich has been almost confirmed for the remaining season.

Bayern is going to face PSG in the Champions League fixture and with Manuel Neuer out of play, it is to see how they perform in crucial circumstances.

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