Jovic states reasons for his failure at Santiago Bernabeu

Luka Jovic

Real Madrid’s transfer strategy experienced significant transformations over the last few years. The signing of Luka Jovic in 2019 is a crucial factor that prompted the shift. The striker arrived from Eintracht Frankfurt but had a terrible spell with the Royal white jersey, leading to his departure.

Jovic’s stint at Real Madrid was far below expectations as he only managed to score three goals across all competitions. This was significantly lower than expected, especially considering the €60 million transfer fee used to acquire him.

Jovic was sent back on loan to Eintracht Frankfurt. But he failed to find the form he displayed in his previous stint with the club. He joined Fiorentina on a permanent basis last summer, and his recent performances suggest he is rediscovering his goal-scoring abilities.

What did Jovic say?

Football Italia reported that Jovic recently spoke to la Repubblica. He reflected on his challenging period at Real Madrid and the reasons why his time at the club was unsuccessful.

“From the beginning, it all went wrong. I left Eintracht Frankfurt too early, after only one season at the top.”

“All the spotlight was on me, but it was difficult for a 21-year-old to fit in at the biggest club in the world. Between injuries, COVID and unfair pressure, it was an unhappy experience.”

Jovic’s poor performance at Real Madrid makes him one of the most disappointing signings in the club’s history. Despite his exceptional 2018/19 season with Eintracht Frankfurt, he failed to live up to expectations at Real Madrid.

It is essential to acknowledge that Jovic faced challenging circumstances during his time at Real Madrid. The club can be challenging for young players to adjust to, and the situation did not work in Jovic’s favor.

Jovic has been performing decently at Fiorentina, although not remarkably so. However, at just 25 years of age, he still has time to revive his career. We can only hope that he continues to progress and wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors.

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