Jurgen Klopp’s Impact on Liverpool’s African Stars

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El-Hadji Diouf’s Insights

Former Liverpool player El-Hadji Diouf has given his views on Sadio Mane’s perspective regarding Jurgen Klopp. Jurgen Klopp’s influence on the Liverpool’s African players as the manager nears his departure.

Klopp’s Legacy at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp since signing in 2015 had an incredible 9 years reign as Liverpool‘s head coach. The German is set to leave to the club after steering Liverpool to 7 major trophies, including the UCLtitle. Sadio Mane before leaving Liverpool for Bayern formed an incredible attacking trio with Salah and Firmino.

African Stars Under Klopp

Moreover, under Jergen Klopp’s time at Liverpool, African players like Mane, Salah, Matip and Naby Keita improved and became best in the world. Mane had praised Klopp for his encouragement and guidance of African players. Therefore, Klopp played a big part in the success of African players at Liverpool.

Diouf, played for Liverpool in past has shared his views on Mane praising Klopp’s big role in the team’s achievements. Diouf hoped that Liverpool can give a shot at the Premier League title in Klopp’s final campaign.

Liverpool’s Title Hopes

Moreover, despite falling in the league behind Arsenal and Manchester City in the league standings, Liverpool‘s title hopes are still alive. Moreover, if Man City wins against Fulham, then the Liverpool clinching the title in Klopp’s farewell season would die.

As Klopp’s reign at Liverpool is about to end, thus the impact he’s had on the club, particularly in nurturing African talents is incredible. Diouf’s shed the light on Klopp’s significance on the pitch as well as off the pitch.


Jurgen Klopp’s imminent departure from Liverpool marks the end of an era which brought Liverpool back to the top and made them a title contender not just in England but in Europe too. The Klopp’s reign is filled with triumphs and memorable moments across 9 years. His influence on African players like Mane has been instrumental in the development of African players, leaving the clubs legacy to go on forever.

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