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Juventus has been keen on signing Angel Di Maria who is currently a free agent. The club expects a response from the Argentine very soon.

Angel Di Maria left Paris Saint-Germain a few months ago and is now a free agent. Serie A giants Juventus has been in the race for the Argentine after Paulo Dybala decided to leave Turin. Despite being 34 years old, the Copa American champion has proved his worth on the pitch.

Angel Di Maria registered 12 goal contributions in 26 appearances for PSG last season. And during his entire stay in Paris, he netted the ball 88 times and assisted 81 times. These stats hence prove why top European clubs other than Juventus are after him so badly.

Juventus’ interest in Di Maria

The Bianconeri believes the experienced Argentine can adapt to the Serie A quite easily. There were initial talks that Di Maria won’t join Juventus. However, the zebras are now desperate to bring Di Maria to the Allianz Stadium for the 2022-23 season. After parting ways with their top striker Paulo Dybala, Bianconeri is moving fast in filling that void.

The club has made significant moves like Paul Pogba. The world cup winner is now set to undergo his medical in Turin ahead of the pre-season. Max Allegri believes, the Argentine and the Frenchman can put a dent in the opposition’s defense with ease.

The 2-time Champions League winners want Di Maria for one season. The Italians are willing to pay PSG £7 million apart from add-ons and wish to add another year if the player performs well. There have been reports saying Di Maria was fine with joining Juventus and will make the official statement soon.

Other Europeans eyeing the Argentine

FC Barcelona

Despite its history in merengue, the Catalan squad is among those looking to sign the Champions League winner. The Argentine played for Real Madrid for a number of seasons, but Barcelona aren’t going to consider their rival’s player, so Di Maria would join for a considerable fee which would fit in well with the Barça’s multifaceted construct.


If not for Di Maria’s decision to wager on the Portuguese league, Benfica would participate in the race to sign him, but with less hope of landing his contract. The Argentine will likely accept a deal from the Portuguese, who are sure that they can persuade him to join the team that provided him the chance to become who he is today. 

Should Di Maria make Turin his next home?

The Argentine has been in top form lately by performing well for the national side as well. With great experience comes great skill as well. The midfielder succeeded in Spain, Portugal, and France so far and there is no doubt in doing the same in Italy.

In conclusion, Juventus is the only team actively participating in the race leaving all others behind. Since the midfielder showed glimmers of hope to the Bianconeri fans, it is likely he will join there. Di Maria might as well win some silverware in Italy after all Serie A is a farmers league.

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