Juventus target out-of-contract PSG star midfielder


Juventus will be in the market for a new creative midfielder this summer. And now Juventus are targeting Julian Draxler for the same. Julian Draxler joined PSG in 2017 for €36 million. The 27-year-old player has scored 4 goals this season.

His contract with PSG ends on June 30, 2021, and it seems that many clubs are interested in the German. As revealed two days ago, PSG has made an offer of an extension to Julian Draxler. His contract ends next June 30 at PSG. According to reports, this is being pushed by Mauricio Pochettino, who appreciates the German midfielder very much.

If the contract talks fail, Juventus have intentions of bringing Julian Draxler into the team by the end of the summer. Juventus has been interested in the German player since 2015 but the transfer had never been successful. 

Julian Draxler a risk to take for Juventus: 

Draxler gets criticized a lot, but he’s actually a good attacking midfielder. His versatility will allow him to play in a very young Turin midfield. It remains to be seen whether the Italian club will be willing to keep up with the huge salary he receives at PSG.

However, Draxler hasn’t exactly shined and Juve should be cautious considering they signed Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot for free in 2019 and both players haven’t been that spectacular. We can expect Draxler to bring more assists and goals to Juve’s attack if he joins.

“He is an important player, even if unfortunately he has had fewer opportunities in recent seasons. But he is an important player and we will see how his situation changes.” – PSG Sporting Director.

PSG will definitely try to extend Julian Draxler because he is an asset off the bench. However, he has participated in only 157 matches in 4 years and a half. It will be interesting to see if Draxler joins Juventus or stays in Paris.

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