Kerala FA to rebuild state football structure through new deal


Kerala FA will be making a bold move to change the fortunes of Football in the State that breathes football. The beautiful is a game for everyone and the federation could change the pattern of Indian Football. More opportunities and a controlled business plan are just a few things that suggested that could be a game-changer.

Indian Football received a massive boost with the formation of the Indian Super League. Other national leagues held in the past failed to gain the same about of enthusiasm from the fans. The FIFA U-17 World Cup held in 2017 was another factor that saw the rapid improvement in grassroots football. But is the current structure of Indian Football an organized plan in terms of financial security and long-term development?

In simple words, every move at the moment focuses on the amount of money to be made by broadcasters. Club owners look at the league as a loss-making business that remains afloat because of the fans. Many clubs have fallen victim to the huge cost involved and have pulled out of the tournaments. This cannot continue into the future.

The deal and plan by Kerala FA

Former AIFF Technical Director Robert Baan is the deal’s creator. The Scheme known as the Lakshya Scheme forms the foundation around which the current 12-year commercial rights contract between Kerala Football Association (KFA) and Meeran Sports LLP and Scoreline Sports Pvt Ltd consortium.

The objective is to form a new league in the State, a new League that will not replace the existing Kerala Premier League. The 13-district associations apart from Thiruvananthapuram have agreed to go forward with the ambitious plan. Thiruvananthapuram are currently suspended by the Kerala FA and have thus been kept out of the discussion.

Kerala already have teams like Gokulam Kerala FC and Kerala Blasters who run the show in state-wide tournaments. They play in the I-League and Indian Super League respectively, gathering a huge fanbase well outside the state. Increasing the number of teams will bring out the true spirits of the game as opponents face off on the pitch.

The New League

According to the proposal, 2023 is the year the project hopefully takes off. The plan is to start with 8 teams and increase the number as the league grows. Gokulam Kerala FC and Kerala Blasters have made no announcements about their involvement in the league and that will be an important factor to the League’s immediate success.

If the League grows up to a good level, relegation and promotion will be added. Nothing is concrete as yet but the League has a strong foundation to build upon. Since interests might conflict with the formation of another league apart from the existing league, a wicked idea can solve the issue. Finalists of the new league and the finalists of the Kerala Premier League will play out a mini-tournament to book a place in the I-League 2nd division.

The long-term goal of the project is to give the opportunities to scout hidden talents. With the formation of new teams, coaches and players who never receive a chance will get what they rightly deserve. While the league will allow the signing of foreign players, a salary cap will be introduced to cap the finances. The team will have youth teams whose players will be from the same district.

This model hopes to keep the financial condition of the league in control. Kerala FA plans to introduce and create more college level and school level tournaments to help the teams scout the best talents.

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