Klopp Claims Thiago Will Be The New Jan Signing For Liverpool

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Jurgen Klopp hopes to have Thiago Alcantara back in full training next week. He believes the Spaniard could be the ideal “January signing” for Liverpool.

Thiago’s move from Bayern Munich was hailed as a game-changer for the defending champions as it offered them world-class creativity in midfield.

Liverpool bought the Spaniard in a £25m deal in the summer transfer window for the Premier League. However, so far, he has only played twice since arriving in September.


Speaking at a press conference ahead of Liverpool’s trip to Crystal Palace on Saturday, Klopp offered a further update on Thiago’s injury.

“We already made jokes here; I said, “I think we should sign Thiago for January!”

“He gets closer and closer and he is in a good way, but we will not rush it, we cannot rush it and he will not [either] because he is not allowed to rush it”. 

“‘We will see how this weekend looks with him on the pitch and then next week [see if he] can be in team training. I don’t know at the moment 100 percent. There are a few tests, he has to pass a few tests on the pitch until we make that decision.’

Jurgen Klopp on Thiago’s injury

On Thursday, Klopp won the men’s coach of the year at the FIFA Best Football Awards for the second successive season, having guided the club to their first title triumph in 30 years. Despite the injury crisis presently undergone by the Merseyside giants, Jurgen Klopp’s unleashing track of training has got them to the chase.

He was surprised to get the award as he felt Bayern Munich’s Hansi Flick, who won both the Bundesliga and Champions League, was more deserving.

“I was looking wide-eyed like ‘How did that happen?’ – I didn’t expect it, not at all, I thought Hansi Flick won pretty much everything in the last year,”

“If you had asked me ‘Are you the world’s best coach?’ I would have said ‘No’. If you had asked me ‘Do you have the world’s best coaches around you?’ I would have said ‘Yes’.”

Klopp said

Liverpool goes into the game top of the Premier League having beaten Tottenham on Thursday.

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