Laporta opens up on Barcelona, Messi, Xavi, and more


Barcelona have been a long-lost club for the past couple of years. Humiliations one after the other, the team was rotten to the very core. That included the management who took decisions without thinking about the financial stability of the club. Bartomeu and his entourage didn’t just put Barcelona in a position of bankruptcy but also targeted the players with his media connections. This included the likes of Messi, Pique, and Busquets all slammed by the media time after time. Fast forward a couple of years, and things have changed massively at the club. Joan Laporta won the elections and good times were thought to be back for the Blaugranas.

But his promise to keep the greatest player of all time did not pay off and as a result, fans revolted. There were humiliations and poor defeats against mediocre teams and that was the goodbye for club legend Ronald Koeman. Xavi‘s arrival gave a breath of fresh air. There are still areas to work on but the club is much much better than it was.

“ Xavi has everyone’s trust, he’s a great coach, and I’m sure he will improve and give us a lot of success. I always speak to Xavi in his office after games. I saw him sad and upset, but he has a virtue. When we are in a complex situation he always sees the positive side,”

 Laporta said.

On the financial consequences of a possible exit from UCL, Laporta said:

 “We could have a deficit of €20m-€25 million in case of a knock out of the UCL but we will make up for it with sponsorship income, shirt sales and additional income from the Europa League if we go there. But it does not change our objective. I want to say to the fans that they have to continue believing that we have a very competitive team and that it will give us a lot of joy. The fans have to support Xavi.”

‘We want to honor Messi,’ says Laporta

On intentions of improving the squad further, Laporta said:

We are working for the winter market. We are in talks with the sporting staff and the coaching staff, with the intention of constantly improving this team.

Laporta also talked about the possibility of getting Messi back.

We want to honour Messi, the best player in history. I’ll see him in Paris on Monday. I know that Barça means a lot to Messi.”

Sunday will be the 18th anniversary of Messi’s first match. Messi is a PSG player now and we have to respect that, I can’t talk about his return now.

With the El Clasico near the horizon, Laporta did not hide his excitement for the biggest game in world football.

El Clasico is always very important, we have a better system. I hope to be the leader at the end of the game. You will also see the team’s ability to answer, when you fall down the most important thing is to get up. ”

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