Lewandowski is eager to join Barcelona to prove who is the best


Robert Lewandowski‘s future is the talk of the moment right now. The Polish striker has been looking for a way out of his current club, Bayern Munich. But the Bavarians have been resistant to the Striker’s needs, having made it clear that the 32-year-old will be completing his tenure at the club. The striker has been adamant to leave the Germans as he is looking for a new challenge out of Germany.

Spanish giants Barcelona have been the frontrunners to secure the move for the striker but have had every bid rejected by Bayern Munich. Barcelona will have to put up an offer of more than £50 million to even be considered by the Germans. The current finances of the club do not really go hand in hand with Bayern’s wants.

Apart from a new challenge, Lewandowski reportedly wants to prove to everyone that he is the best striker in the world and better than Karim Benzema. The latter has shocked the world with his performances week in and week out, especially in the UCL where he single-handedly led Real Madrid to the trophy. The Frenchman had one of the best seasons of his career and is widely considered the best player around as of now.

This was not taken too nicely by the Polish forward who wants to show the world that he is still the best around. Both the strikers have been considered one of the best of the past decade, having won everything at the club level. Karim Benzema is tipped to win the Ballon D’or this season and other big awards also. The striker also has been firing for France in their recent fixtures and makes them a big threat at the WC 2022.

Lewandowski Deserved Ballon D’or 2020

Lewandowski on the other hand has not won a ballon D’or yet. The striker was nothing short of sensational in 2020 and more than deserved the award. But thanks to France Football, the Polish striker could not as the ceremony was canceled which left him frustrated more than ever. The striker scored over 50 goals and guided Bayern to a historic sextuple.

Joining Barcelona seems to be Robert’s choice as the striker wants to come head to head with Benzema and would be trying everything to beat the French forward and show everyone who is the best. If indeed Lewandowski comes in La Liga, the battle would be very fascinating to watch.

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